Take 5

I find that by just setting the timer for 5 minutes, I can tackle anything. From cleaning (check out Flylady.com) to just silence… 5 minutes is a good refresher or a good motivator.

I can do anything for 5 minutes, right?

During my quiet time today, the lesson was on struggles and not looking at them as “killjoys” but as a “thankful enhancer”. Looking beyond the place of struggles to the thankfulness (YouVersion Devotional Tenth Avenue North).

So I set the timer for 5 minutes to just ask God on what I am struggling with right now. And part of me started to try and invalidate my struggles which seem minuscule on a grand “World Hunger” scale. But you know what? You can’t discredit the life you are going through at the moment. So what came to my mind was how I struggle with organizing. My time. My finances. And especially my internal struggle with my desire to be more with my kids and what does that look like? There is a part of me that wants to home school them because I realize that they are only here with me for a short while and I want to maximize the most out of it. I don’t want to get to their 18th year when they look at the next step of their life and think “oh man, I missed it. I should have _______.”

Matthew 12:34 says “For out of the fullness (theoverflowthe superabundance) of the heart the mouth speaks.”

Superabundance. I like that word. I am thinking  I have a “superabundance” of internal struggle with how I feel and how I make decisions.

The Practical Part: I set my timer and started to envision my house as I walked in. A clean floor (hardwoods throughout – that would make my husband happy); Furniture nicely arranged in the living room – looking clean, cozy, comfortable (did I see a fire in the fireplace?). I started to just focus on the no-clutter of my visual exercise.  In this visual, the chaotic laundry pile of clothes from 3 days ago (clean, mind you) is not there).  I felt at peace. I could breath.

Reminds me of Andy Stanley’s series on Breathing Room.  That was a great series. Like all of his are 🙂

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