Today is a new day

I have about 1 week left until my next appt with my naturopath. And the last appt didn’t go well because of my rebellion to eat bread. I was just testing what really happens when Hashimoto patient’s eat wheat. I am not against grain. At all. That is I am not on the bandwagon that is against eating bread — for those who have healthy guts. I love Sue Breadbecker’s teachings on bread. I believe in milling my own wheat for my family. I’ve seen benefits from changing from store bought.  I love home made bread! I just can’t eat it. Check out why here.

IMG_0754-1First time ever making a perfectly round loaf 🙂

So now I am trying to not eat the grains. Because of my health plan. But it is not easy. And therefore I am nervous about this upcoming visit. Because even though I have not been consuming bread at the rate I did the last time, I’ve still had a bite or two. And even that can cause flare ups and set me  back. My doc totally understood my rebellion. Even shared her own stories. Overall it’s not worth it to mess with your health. I get it. Still, its a battle. But one I believe I will overcome with knowledge. Not willpower. I just felt inadequate when it comes to what to eat. She did release me to upgrade to a Paleo diet. Still no wheat, corn or soy. But said nuts were ok and even nightshades (not on AIP).

Action Plan? I bought a bundle of AIP ebooks from when I first started and now I think I need to spend time just digesting them. 🙂  Pun intended.

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