Today’s wins

Today I feel good that I –
-was able to take my dad in for his doc appt.
-I got to go to Lunch with him and that he went with me to pick up the kids and get ice-cream.
-I’m glad I bought the ice-cream
-I’m glad that when I dropped him off at home, and Rylynn wanted to stay with him, that I let her so I could take Kayle to get his costume
-And then when I got back to pick up Rylynn, my mom came home and we all went to CBB

I wish I had paid for CBB and for lunch. I always feel like I mooch off my parents…still. But this is about “wins” and so therefore I will put that last comment into a more productive spin “next time we go out, I will treat them”

I feel good this week that –
I made homemade bread
I worked out for my entire Day 1 P90X – after all, I am technically 3 weeks in..but this is the first time I actually did the whole time. Even if broken up into segments. I worked it!

I feel good that I started to go to bed early …
I feel good that I went back and apologized to Rylynn for giving her the “scary evil eye” at CBB’s for her “non restaurant behavior.

ok that will do for now… I want to get to bed on time. Trying to get up early to make bread and stick things in the crockpot for tomorrow’s staff lunch. We’ll see 😉

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