What I wish I knew 7 yrs ago

There are many things I wish I knew 7 yrs ago. I mean, things I knew were like “you are going to have a baby #2 in a few months” and “you have a Hypothyroidism… specifically Hashimoto’s.” And I knew I was tired. And sluggish. But I had baby #1 approaching his first year and wasn’t that the reason I was tired? And sluggish?

I knew the treatment plan was to see an Endocrinologist. So I did.

I knew the protocol was meds. So I took the meds. 

A few months later at an Endocrinologist visit I asked “what foods should I take/avoid?” And I was told that since it was an Autoimmune Disease that I had, food had no bearings on that. And I knew that didn’t sound right. I mean, food gives us fuel. Good food that is. I just had a feeling in my gut— which was probably leaky— that this information couldn’t be right. I couldn’t put my finger on it. Didn’t press it. I just figured “why come to a specialist and pay the specialist copay, when I can go to my GP and have my blood work checked. If its just meds that I need. Does it matter who gives it to me?

What I wish I knew was that the gut – which is termed the “2nd Brain”— is where “60-80% of our immune system is”. (Dr. Joe Mercola) 

I wish I knew to keep asking the “what foods to eat/avoid” question until I got a real answer.

So now, when I find articles like this one on Hashimoto’s, I feel like if I only knew this info earlier in life, I could have saved myself a lot of brain fog, fatigue, and depression.


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